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My name is Justin Allen, and I have been a mathematics educator for over 15 years now. I have worked in several different school districts in New York State and all at varying grade levels 7th through 12th. I have had the privilege of spending the past 10 years working in the same school district as an 8th grade math teacher, where I teach Math 8 Common Core and Algebra I Common Core. I am also the lead math coordinator for the grade level team and have been in this position for the past 8 years. In my time as coordinator I have been able to attend multiple workshops in Albany, where I have worked closely on the development and refinement of the NYS Math Exams. These workshops have provided me with invaluable experience and insight into the creations of high stakes testing.

Through my many experiences these past 15 years I have had the opportunity to refine and improve on my teaching. Continuing to digitize my work for the new era and have developed 2 course to which I have seen much success by my students. So in turn I thought it was time to start making this material available to others. The material is available by paid option to a "paypal" account by the values presented below and all material comes in "pdf" format.Email me with your interest at jallen17@yahoo.comMake sure to include the course and what material you are interested in. After I receive confirmation that a payment has been received in my paypal account, I will email you back promptly with the material attached to your email or as a link (depending on file size).

At some point these will also be accessible through "teachers-pay-teachers" and "TES", not available as of 3/1/2016, will let you know.

I look forward to your responses and the ability to help teachers and students with understanding the common core.

AJ Print Math 8 Common Core Resources
AJ Print Algebra 8 Common Core Resources